more about danny G

nashville based pop artist danny g brings a much needed lift to not only pop music, but all of those around him. the 21 year old grew up in denver, colorado and immersed himself in both music and athletics from the moment that he could walk. growing up in a tight knit family of six, danny was instilled with his ultimate values of love, faith, and youth which remain at the forefront of everything. he began writing songs at the age of 6 while also playing competitive baseball, basketball, and soccer. after graduating from cherry creek high school as a varsity athlete and all-state musician, g headed off to college to play division one soccer. a belmont university graduate, he has now centered his focus on music and is due for a huge 2019 full of lots of content and surprises. danny’s catchy melodies and uplifting concepts personify who he is and what he wants for the world, as he strives to make a difference on the largest scale possible.